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By Hand Serial Magazine – New Hampshire & Vermont craftspeople, knitting, makers, and woo

If you’ve been following my recent photography adventures, you may have seen that I’ve been doing quite a bit of editorial work for By Hand Serial. It’s a beautiful publication that features different regions of the US and Canada that has since expanded into some international travel (that I was lucky enough to join in on!). I was hired by them back in October of 2019 to help with the photography of their 11th issue that featured makers, places, and crafts from New Hampshire and Vermont during the fall. It was hard to believe it was a real gig when I got the email. Honestly thought it was too good to be true! I am still pinching myself a bit because it is the work that I truly love to do. Travel, food, passionate artists and craftspeople, and handmade goods! What is not to love?? I am so grateful to get this amazing job and opportunity. After the 11th issue I was brought on again to work on the first international book in London, England! I had never been across the pond so it was very exciting for me. Now we have a bunch more planned for the coming year and next year as well. Things have challenged us a bit with the virus and shut downs but we have been able to stay creative and come up with some great things for readers! More on that soon.

I’ll start with the NH/VT trip. It was the tail end of the foliage and the evenings were just starting to cool down a bit. Our first stop was at Wing and a Prayer Farm, which I had already photographed back in the days of Tell New England so it was a nice familiar starting point. Plus, Tammy the owner is one of the sweetest and badass lady farmers you’ll ever meet. Her pies are to die for and her yarn is beautiful! From there we traveled up and down NH and in and out of Vermont talking with many different crafts people. The magazine is heavily fiber arts based so you’ll notice that theme as you go through photos.


pears in a bowl
sheep calendar
model wearing knitted shawl holding indigo
sheep cuddles
snuggling sheep
petting sheep
peeling pears for pie
rollin pie crust
weaving pie crust
lattice pie crust
baking pie
rolling pie crust
baked pie
turkeys on the porch
Tammy the farmer
petting the pig
tammy with sheep
andrea petting sheep
sheep looking at camera
andrea petting sheep
sheep in the field looking at camera
farm life
naturally dyed yarn
naturally dyed yarn and the farm
wing and a prayer farm
fabric pieces in art studio
thread in art studio
art studio
Dianne in art studio
dianne and one of her fabric and pencil pieces
view of mountains over pond
autumn vermont scenery
old weaving looms
woman weaving
rainbow threads on loom
weaving loom
looking out the window
hanging yarn and weaving school teacher
yarn and scenery
woolly thistle bag of yarn
yarn and portrait
pretty styled yarn skeins
colors of yarn
wool and mill
pure sheep wool
pure sheep wool
wool in carding machine
carding machine and bobbins of yarn
bobbins of wool
yarn on the mill
holding fresh yarn
blue yarn
sheep peaking around tree
book shop
autumn scenery
harrisville NH
yarn skeins and gauges
carding machine
wool mill
old wool mill
harrisville yarn on bobbins
harrisville designs yarn
harrisville designs retail shop
harrisville designs looms and yarn swifts
green sweater
purple sweater
hand sewn white shirt
Harrisville NH general store
harrisville nh scenery
Andrea in red barn jacket
red barn jacket holding leaves
basket weaving
holding acorn basket
mount washington hotel interior
omni mount washington hotel
north conway scenic railroad
wolfeboro nh
lake winni
gray wool yarn
sewing tools


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