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Chasing The Dream | NH Food Photographer

 Hi All,

While you’ve seen me post a lot of wedding photography on here, which I enjoy, I also pride myself on being a food photographer, and it’s something you’ll be seeing more of in months to come. Food is something I enjoy because you can create a scene and a feeling by playing with composition, color, and texture. Food doesn’t talk back either ;) Someday I’d love to shoot for magazines and cookbooks. That’s the dream!

Hope you’re hungry….

A few weeks ago I was invited to shoot the Celebrity Chef Gala in Boston. It was a beautiful event at the incredible Mandarin Oriental Hotel and it featured top chefs from some of Boston’s best restaurants! It was an honor to be there and photograph some beautiful (and delicious) food. The chefs were great and I would love to be able to visit their restaurants sometime soon!

Lastly, one of my favorite parts of the wedding is when I get to see the cakes! And this year, there were so many great ones! I decided to put together all of the cakes from my weddings this year and show you! They are all really creative, fun, and equally delicious. Here’s to the weddings of 2012 and I hope the next wedding season will be just as fun and eventful!


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