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Michelle & Jeff Married

Hey everyone! Last weekend I got the wonderful opportunity to second shoot at Michelle and Jeff’s wedding thanks to Joe Dimattia. It is only my second wedding that I’ve shot and I had a lot of fun. It was so easy to photograph this beautiful family and now I can’t wait to shoot another! We had a good amount of time before the wedding to photograph the girls getting ready. The bride’s sister’s daughters were the cutest and I wish I took more photos of them. After that there was the ceremony and a reception at the church. The day was brought to a close with a small reception for the family at a beautiful golf course where we spent time doing formal shots. I wish the newlyweds all the best and I hope you all enjoy the photos!



Tomorrow I will be heading to San Francisco for a few weeks to meet up and visit the studios of some amazing food photographers. I’m really excited and can’t wait to take ridiculous amounts of pictures and explore the area while making new contacts and visiting some friends and family. Stay tuned and have a good Halloween weekend! :)


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