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Remember to breathe

I just got back from another amazing trip at my favorite camping place, White Lake. We were blessed with beautiful weather, not a single drop of rain. The air was dry and with a slight chill, and you could feel that fall is just around the corner. It was so comfortable. Every evening we were lucky to see a different sunset, always a different color. We went kayaking and did a few short hikes further up North. It was great. Another one to remember. My family and I are so close and we are always able to state our views and opinions of life. Whenever a campfire is set up and chairs are around, we get into all kinds of deep conversations. I’m not sure why it happens but I’m glad it does. I am extremely lucky to have the family that I do. They are all so smart, funny and helpful, I couldn’t be more grateful. Of course we all make fun of each other and argue about stupid things, it’s all part of it. I love them.

I took a lot of photos of course. I loved capturing these times and can’t wait to look back on them later in life. Also I can’t believe that fall is almost here! Some of the leaves have already started to turn and the days are getting shorter. This time of year makes me feel so nostalgic and reminiscent. Autumn has always been a time of change and new beginnings for me. I hope that holds true and in a positive way, and I hope you enjoy the pictures.


Mt. Willard

Mt. Willard

it will never get old


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