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Sapna & Shelby, Hindu Wedding | NH Wedding Photographer

Hey Everyone! This blog post has been a long time coming. I haven’t posted much because I’ve been very busy shooting, traveling around New England, and editing lots of photos. I’ve been very excited to show you all these pictures because it was such an incredible experience that was totally new to me. A big thanks again to Joe DiMattia for having me as a second shooter on this one! Joe had mentioned it to me a while back and he decided to hire me for it. Be sure to check out his website and like his work on facebook! I think we both had an amazing time capturing this fun weekend!

The first day was the traditional “American” wedding, the second day was the henna application, and the third day was the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony. Sapna, Shelby, and their families were all wonderful to work with. Each side was very accepting of the other’s traditions and it was a very positive experience to see one family welcoming the other in the joining of two special people. During the henna application process, also known as the Mehendi, I was really able to get to know Sapna and I think we both became more comfortable with each other which is very important when photographing people. Sapna is a sports writer and yoga instructor and has traveled all over. She had some great stories to tell, (we were doing henna for around 4 hours) and was fun to talk to. After that, we headed over to the reception area where all the women (including myself) got their henna done.

The next day we were up early and headed to Webster for the Hindu ceremony. This was my first Hindu wedding, so I was excited to be a part of such a colorful and cultural event, and it didn’t disappoint. From the intricate attire, to the food, and the ceremonial steps, everything was beautifully done and I can’t say enough how incredibly welcoming the families were. I had a great time and I definitely over shot haha, but it was hard not to!

I hope I will be part of another Hindu wedding in the future!

Hope you all enjoy the photos! :)


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