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Hey again! A few weeks ago I got a job to assist a wedding photographer down in Danvers, MA. I’ve never shot a wedding before and it was definitely a challenge. I’m really used to taking time to plan and set up a shot, and when shooting a wedding you really have to be ready to capture the moment. It was tough because I have 2 fixed lenses, which obviously takes time to switch if need be, which also means missing moments. It was hard! I have huge respect for wedding photographers and I love wedding photography, but I definitely want to stick to becoming a food photographer :) It was a great learning experience and I would definitely like to try it again, now that I know what it’s like. The wedding was very non traditional. No toasts, no throwing of the bouquet and what not. It was fun though and I could tell these people were so in love and had a great bond with family and friends. It was good to see :) Enjoy!

Father and the Bride

Father and the Bride


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