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Hello again, This past week I’ve been to Rhode Island and Massachusetts, visiting family and what not. It feels like I’ve really gotten around all of New England this summer and it’s not over yet. Rhode Island was a great time. I visited my mom’s side of the family at their lake house, who I don’t see too often, and we had great weather and a beautiful night for picture taking.

I was really excited when those pictures came up on my screen. They are 100% straight from the camera. The view from the dock was amazing. I wasn’t sure how long exposures with a tripod on a dock would be but the water was very calm. It was beautiful.

The last couple days I’ve been at my Grandparent’s house in Massachusetts. I had gone a few days with out shooting and needed to take some photos, so I decided to photograph things that were memories and things I’d always remember and picture when I think of their house. We also went to Marblehead and relaxed with a nice view of the ocean today.

My Yia Yia :)

Marblehead, MA

Hope you enjoyed these. They mean a lot to me and I think I’m going to continue with them when I visit again. Have a great week everyone!



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