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A rant and some photos

Hey everyone, I know it’s sort of been a while since my last post. I’ve been crazy busy and I am now back on the East Coast for the holidays. I can’t tell you enough how good home feels. It sort of felt like I was gone way longer than a month. I’m so close to my friends and family that it’s hard when I miss out on the fun, silly little things that happen day to day. They are the most important thing in my life and I know it’s going to be tough not being able to see them for a while once I head back to California in early January. In fact, I’m really nervous about it. Being out on the West coast forced me out of my comfort zone in so many ways (which I am really proud of) so it’s hard not to slip back into my past self. Confidence in myself and in my work has always been a huge issue for me and there have been many times where I question myself and why I want to do this. I know I need to calm down and take a step back to remember that everything takes time and I won’t get where I want to be right away. I need to trust the process. I guess I’m telling you all this because the past few days I’ve been feeling discouraged and uninspired. I haven’t taken pictures in days which makes me feel even worse. I have all these ideas but I’m really not sure how to go about them and I’m lacking the confidence to go through with them in fear that I will make mistakes or look stupid. I know I just need to remember that to make mistakes is to learn and to just go for it.

I was feeling really down about all this today until I read through some of my fellow Hallmark Alumni’s photo blogs. I really miss being surrounded by all those wonderfully talented people. Reading through theirs and my own reminded me again of why I am doing this and inspired me once again to do what I’ve always loved to do. I just need to keep going.

Now onto some recent photos. The first few are from the last week or so in Cali. I visited Muir woods and Sausalito which were really beautiful. I also got to work a few days at my internship which went really well and I think it’s going to be a great experience. The people are really fun and welcoming and I hope that I will be a good intern :)

The next photos are from last week, a few days after I came home. My mom wanted to get our photo for the Christmas cards done and my brothers wanted me to take some photos of the snow. Now..this snow is man made. My brother Austin built a snow maker, something he’s been perfecting and working on for the last few years. This year he also made a rope tow so there’s a small ski hill in the back yard. It hasn’t snowed for real yet here so it’s kind of funny to have a big patch of snow in the back.

The last apple.

The only apple left on our tree from the fall.

Christmas Card



My mom is so pretty! Love her. :)

Hope you enjoyed! I’ll hopefully be shooting and posting more soon so keep on the look out!


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