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Senior Sessions Continued… | NH Senior Portrait Photographer

I’ve had a few more senior sessions, and took some of my brother for his senior photos as well. Although portraits were never my strong suit, I feel like I’m getting the hang of it, or at least I hope so! It’s been great being able to do weddings and portraits to try my hand at a different side and learn more and gain more experience in something that is challenging for me. I really do feel like I’m improving.

Soon enough I’ll get back to food photography though, don’t you worry! I’ve been itching to work on it.

Here are some of my favorites from the last sessions…


ErinPerryman_023 copy copy

ErinPerryman_039 copy copy

ErinPerryman_053 copy copy


AshleyPrunk_012 copy copy

AshleyPrunk_009 copy copy

AshleyPrunk_020 copy copy

AshleyPrunk_039 copy


I’ve been presented with a bunch of new opportunities this month and I’m excited! Fingers crossed and hoping they work out :)


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