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Hello Again, Not too much has been happening besides work and my internship, which are going really well and I feel like I’m getting used to everything more. Soon I’d like to shoot for myself though and hopefully I can find some food stylists and prop stylists that are starting out and are looking to build their portfolio like me. I need to update my work!

I can’t believe February starts next week. It feels like tim has been going really slowly but fast at the same time. It’s strange. Anyway, I got the day off on Wednesday and decided to venture into the city to walk around where I haven’t before. Although I had been to Coit Tower previously, I took a different route and walked through the North Beach area which has all these wonderful italian restaurants and cafes, I loved it and will definitely be back again sometime. I hiked up some steep hills and found some really lovely views. Coit Tower was nice and I stayed up there for a bit before heading back down. On the way back I walked through China Town. I haven’t walked through there yet so it was neat to see. I went in all kinds of interesting shops and then enjoyed some Bubble Tea to end the day.

These first four photos are from about a week ago, we went to one of the red wood parks nearby to walk the dog, it was so peaceful and beautiful, I’m happy that even though I’m in an urban setting, there is still some nice scenery not too far away I can enjoy.

From my day walking in the city:

Coit Tower

China Town

At my internship the other day, we got to play around with the Mamiya 7. I took some photos on 220 film and then used the polaroid back. It was really neat. Here are a couple photos I took and the last one is of me that Howard Cao (co-owner of Cao Photo) took.

Lawton & 26th


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