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Just a quick post! Last week I was super busy working at my internship which I think is going really well. I really like the people I work with and even though I do typical intern stuff, I love to help out and am happy to be in a photo studio. I also got a part-time job which I have mixed feelings about but I really need to make some cash.

The other day I had the day off and went to the beach with my new friend Colin. It was so beautiful out and it’s been in the 60’s all week. Pretty awesome since I would normally be home buried in snow and cold. ;) My family and friends hate me for this haha.

Also! You may notice that my blog looks completely different. A few weeks ago more or less I updated everything including my website. It looks a lot cleaner in my opinion and I like it much better. Head on over to take a look! I finally put some new photos up too.

Well hopefully I’ll be able to shoot more soon. I have some rolls of film I need to finish and develop so I’m hoping those will come out nice too. Have a good weekend everyone!

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach


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