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January Recap | NH Food & Lifestyle Photographer

January was a slower month but the winter months can be that way, and I don't totally mind since it's nice to have a break and work on the back end of business for instance you are reading this on my new website! Super excited to have this update that was much needed. My old site was becoming very slow and hard to edit. Things just needed a nice clean up, simplification, and refresh! I think it is just what it needs to be. Nothing too crazy, and letting the work speak for itself. Easy to navigate too I think! Let me know if you see any issues I may have missed. I'm sure I'll be adding more and fine tuning as time goes on.

It's also been a nice time to start planning for the year, especially the fun stuff! I've got some exciting travel plans in the next few months that I can't wait to take my camera along for! Tahoe area and Scotland are booked!! So psyched.

Here's some favorite photos from the last month. Does anyone else feel like January lasted a long time?


Wedding seasons have become slower for me, which was intensional. I've still got a few this year and it was fun to start 2023 by photographing these two in Portsmouth. They are having a small ceremony with their immediate family in September on the Maine Coast :) We wandered around downtown Portsmouth on a crisp but sunny day in early January ✨

I worked with Laney & Lu, Palette, and Ginger Fox Bakery on some new menu items and things for Valentines Day promotions. I always love working with this team! They continually have a great vision and great ideas and well, the food is always, always delicious and colorful!

I've been wanting to take some time doing personal work and practicing light and playing with photography and I had some free time to complete a photography challenge put on by Eat Capture Share, an educational food photography platform, and each day of it we had different prompts. You can see more on my instagram, but it was really nice and fun to complete the challenge and get some good practice in! I definitely have some ideas for more I'd like to try some time soon. As you can see I did a bit more of the hard light which is very trendy right now in the food world.

A new client of mine is Twin Barns Brewery in Meredith and Woodstock, New Hampshire. They have a really awesome barn and biergarden space at the Meredith location which is really fun to bring friends, family, your dog, etc! They are building a new website so these will all fill in on specific areas of that. The food is really good by the way! Go check it out! Plus if you're in the Woodstock area, their new location is in a great spot!

Lastly I've been working with El's Cards on a big project, photographing all of her wedding stationery. It's a labor of love and we are having fun doing it! Her work is so beautiful! She makes cards, prints, and more so definitely check out her site! We have worked together a bit through out the last few years. More to come!

That's all for now! I've got some fun projects coming up in February so be sure to check back :)


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