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How can you use food and product photography for your website ?

So you're thinking about hiring a photographer to help enhance your marketing and presence for your business and maybe you're a little hesitant or need a better visual! I got you.

When planning a shoot, it's helpful to get some ideas or see where the images could be of use, and what might be important to think about.

For example, what pieces do you want your customer base to know about? Do you want to show off a particular product or let them see behind the scenes a little how it's made? Customers and clients also love to see the human behind the business too, and get to know your story. All of these are important to your marketing journey as a business and brand.

It can also be super helpful to work with a web designer to plan out how your website will function and look with the use of photography.

Here's some examples of different clients who have used my photography for their updated sites!

Having high quality imagery on your website helps the overall feel and can help enhance the brand you've already built by using lighting, colors, and mood. It can give the customer a clear vision of what to expect from the products or food you produce and make. It can also give them an idea of the feeling they will get or experience when stepping into your shop, restaurant, or space.

Another great reason to hire a professional photographer for your business and website presence is for e-commerce, online shopping, and product imagery. Having a photographer who knows lighting and how to make your product look it's best, will create a consistent and easy viewing experience for your ideal customers to find what they need.

Another great thing to think about while planning your shoot, is where images will live and be used. Many websites use large horizontal headers to showcase imagery and your potential customers' first view when they find your site. It's important to think about how you'd like this to look when building out your site and working with your photographer. Together we can create a shot list before the shoot and work through this process so we both know exactly where images will go and what dimensions are needed. This is also really important when thinking about the imagery use for social media, versus website and email marketing, and print too of course!

Lastly, don't forget about your "About" section! People want to see who you are and your team. Headshots and process shots of you making and creating are important and can be used on social media as well. They are also great if you become featured in a magazine, blog, or even a podcast! Your clients and customers love to see who you are and hear about your story and process.

Ready to book a photographer to update your site? Shoot me an email at or fill out my contact form!


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