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February and March Recap! | NH Food and Lifestyle Photographer

It's been a slow winter into spring for work, and sometimes that is scary and sometimes that's okay. I've had room for other hobbies and creative work and making plans for things I want to do this year. I'm hoping to host a work shop for food photography and maybe even a retreat for some creative people. I do have some fun projects and clients coming up and what means most during the slow times is the clients who keep hiring me! It is greatly appreciated and always fun.

I've got some great updates for some exciting things happening soon:

  • In the next few months I'll be traveling! In May I'm heading to Scotland and in June I'm heading to Iceland! I am extremely excited to explore and take photos and head to some new countries.

  • If you have been following along with me for a while you know that in the past I've worked on the side project known as Tell New England / Tell Northeast. Recently I became enticed by the idea of starting a podcast and we have agreed to make it happen! We will be interviewing small business owners and creatives around the Northeast, but hopefully on a deeper level and talking about more than business. Stay tuned!

  • I worked on a book last year and it's ready for pre-order! I photographed and contributed most of the scenic shots of this book which complimented the cocktail shots so well. It is amazing seeing work in print and even more so in a book that is going to be distributed all over the nation! Big thanks to Tamworth Distillery for hiring me to work on this! PRE ORDER HERE and check out the photo below :)

Speaking of the Distillery, I've done a good amount of work with them the last couple months. We have been going to different locations where their alcohol is served and photographing it with some food from each place as well as cocktails made with the product. It's a great way to try some of their spirits in a drink of choice! For this first session we went to Cheese Louise, Flatbread Pizza Co, and The Wilder - all in my hometown of Portsmouth, NH.

Next up I did a fun collaboration shoot with 2 favorites of mine, Tea Forte and Laney and Lu. We have worked together a bunch before, and I always really enjoy seeing what recipess and concepts the amazing teams come up with. It's always so fun and the food is incredible!

I always love photographing dinners with chefs and on this one I worked with Aatma for their Holi Dinner at the beautiful Write Locke Farm. Can't go wrong with beautiful colors and cuisine !

One of my longtime clients, Coopers Hill, just updated their space and renovated so I was called back to do some photos! They added some booths and beautiful glass paneling to really make it feel like a true Irish Pub. The update is really great and I recommend going in, having a pint, and listening to some folk music when they have their live music nights!

It's been a while since I've photographed any fiber art and knitted pieces, so this was a welcomed project! My friend Hannah had me connect with Teri, the woman in the photos, who knitted this beautiful pattern that Hannah created. I also photographed some of Teri's work! All on a beautiful and blustery day in Newburyport, MA.

A new client of mine is The Fresh Market! I'm excited to be working with them and their team in the upcoming months. We will be working ahead of the seasons and holidays for some of their promotions and luckily it will be at Heaven On Earth Cooking Studio!

Here's some more shots from the Distillery I did in the last month, some at restaurants and others at the Distillery doing some promo photos for classes, events, and marketing materials. The restaurants featured below are Chang Thai Cafe and The Beal House in Littleton, NH!

I've had some fun on the side per usual shooting with my film camera and I've also added a little small camera for carrying around, which is supposed to mimic film a bit in a way. I shot all the next photos on the mini cam and on film. Got to travel to Tahoe in February, did some new headshots for myself, and overall just been getting outside as much as possible! I'm excited for spring and all that is to come :) I've got a big new garden so I can't wait to get that rolling and for the world to turn green again!

Thanks for being here! If you ever want to order prints check out the print shop! I update it seasonally.


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