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Another Year | New Hampshire Food and Lifestyle Photographer

Hi All,

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe another year has gone by. Every year seems to pass faster than the last one as more and more opportunities arrive and I get busier and busier. I wanted to post some photos from 2012 that I hadn’t shown on here yet and put a little color into the cold winter we are experiencing right now.

2012 brought lots and lots of weddings! I was able to assist a few new photographers this year and I learned a ton from each of them. I was also able to get a few shoots in for different companies and restaurants which was very exciting. I already have a bunch of weddings booked for this year as well as a clearer vision of the direction I’d like my photography and vision to go. I am looking forward to all that 2013 will bring and I hope I will be blessed with as much beauty, experiences, and have as much of a blast as I did last year! (Hopefully more traveling too!)

The following photographs were taken from weddings I assisted with Joe DiMattia, Melanie Haney, and Russell Caron. Huge thanks to them for having me as a second shooter! Hopefully more to come!

The food photography is from a shoot I did for Kashmir Indian Restaurant in Salem, NH. If you love indian food, theirs was really good! Go check it out!

Enjoy and have a great year!

{From Jaime & Randall’s wedding, assisting Joe DiMattia}

{ A 1920’s themed wedding, assisting  Melanie Haney}

{Rob & Leah’s wedding on Cape Cod! Assisted Russell Caron on this one}

{Thanks to my cousins, I was able to spend a few incredible days on The Cape. I road a bike around quite a bit and experienced some amazing sunsets}


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