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Fat Toad Farm Goat’s Milk Caramel | New Hampshire & Vermont Food Photographer

Recently it’s been great to have some new food product clients! The pandemic and being stuck at home made the ability to ship product more of a necessity. This continued throughout the year on a few occasions and it’s honestly a lot easier for me to photograph things right out of my own apartment or the studio I rent from. A lot of the time I did photos on my front porch and as things got colder I’ve moved into a corner of my bedroom or living room testing my lighting skills. It’s been a great challenge to work with what I’ve got and style with what I have.

I recently began working with The Social Headquarters. They are a local women-owned business that help other small businesses with marketing through social media and web design. I love working with them and the clients they have sent me so far have been great. Fat Toad Farm is a company I’ve been wanting to work with. They are a goat milk caramel sauce business based out of Vermont – and it’s damn delicious! The goal here was to create imagery for their social media and website that reflected their brand (earthy, Vermont made, rustic, natural) and also showed how the product could be used (recipes!).  I had a lot of fun and taste testing was the best haha.

one jar of original caramel sauce
stacked assorted caramels
caramel sauce with over head charcuterie board scene
cinnamon caramel sauce for caramel apples
diptych of sauce scenes
overhead photo of caramel sauce with apple slices a candle a book and a plant
caramel sauce still life with ice cream
hand dipping apple slice into caramel
caramel sauce on ice cream
diptych of ice cream caramel swirls and styled ice cream image
overhead shot of caramel jar and apple galettes
brownie Sunday in a mug
caramel sauce being drizzled on pancakes


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