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Live it up, live it up, or just come back home.

Hey everyone! As you probably know, I’m in the lovely state of California! Northern Cali to be more specific. It’s beautiful here and there’s so many new things to explore and do.

Monday and Tuesday I explored San Francisco by myself to get to know the area better and what not. On Wednesday I went into the city again to meet up with Kelly Boitano, a friend from Hallmark and an amazing photographer, check out her work! We went to the parade for the Giants, which was crazy and so much fun! After that we met up with her friend Clay and walked around the city, got some good food and took photos of course! It was a great day and I hope we all get together again.

On Thursday I went to Stacy Ventura’s house in Fairfax where she recently converted her garage into a studio. Stacy does beautiful food photography and she was great to talk to and hang out with and I hope we get to work together in the future!

On Friday I went to Sara Remington’s studio where she was working on a cook book shoot. It was really cool to see her team in action and collaborate to make the project a reality. All of her work was beautiful and they were all really fun people.

And finally yesterday, my friend from home Lindsey and her boyfriend and his friend were here and I met up with them in the city. We went all over the place. Lindsey and I walked around on Haight street which was really neat, lots of unique stores and places to eat. We walked a little in Golden Gate park, headed to the Golden Gate Bridge and then ended up down at Fisherman’s Warf for dinner. Lot’s of walking but an awesome day!

Starting tomorrow I’ll be meeting up with 3 more photographers as the week goes on and I’m excited to see what they have to offer with their shooting styles and their personalities.

I am exhausted but totally loving it here! I’m so lucky I have this opportunity and I’m thinking I may come back here after the holidays and stay for a while…who knows! ;) Look out for more posts soon!

Giants parade!

Ginger Waffles at Samovar Tea Lounge

Cappuccinos at Blue Bottle Coffee

a good book and delicious watermelon

The Golden Gate


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