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Monthly Blog Circle: Earth Day | Southern NH Photographers

Welcome back for another addition to the monthly blog circle I am part of. Incase you are new to my blog, every month we have a new theme we follow and create photographs using that theme. Then we post to the next person’s blog and eventually it works in a circle! This month’s blog theme was Earth Day and I decided to document something I’ve been working on for the past couple months.

A few months ago I became really interested in gardening and wanted to have my own veggie garden this year because fresh produce is the best and tastes even more amazing. I hate how a lot of our produce comes from Mexico and California, only because by the time it gets to us here in NH it isn’t fresh and barely lasts in the fridge. Another thing I was unhappy about was the amount of biodegradable waste we were putting in the trash, so I decided to start my own compost.

I started reading all kinds of articles online and in magazines about starting my own garden. The internet is an amazing tool when you are learning something new. I read how to make a cheap compost bin and started gathering any waste from our meals at home (minus meat and dairy) and began to throw them into the compost. Since then the bin is half full and filled with all kinds of stuff! With our green waste there is also soil, dead leaves, and grass clippings which are needed to keep the decomposing process going. I feel a lot better knowing that this will be used to help my garden grow and keep the cycle going in a healthier way.

I then built a couple raised beds, filled them will soil and planted a few early/cool weather veggies. Most of my seeds will be planted in late May because who knows what could happen in New England! I also picked up some tomato plants, as well as mint, lavender, rosemary, and cilantro.

I’m sure some of you have noticed that back yard farming has become more common, which is great! I think local and fresh produce is an important thing and I hope it keeps becoming more popular!

Of course we also make sure we recycle and try as best as we can to make less of an impact on the environment, but there is still so much we could be doing! I encourage everyone to try to start something new and better for the planet we live in!

As always, I hope you enjoy the imagery and make sure you head to Michelle Heath’s blog to keep following the blog circle!

The last photo is our new and very cute addition to the family :) 


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