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Monthly Blog Circle | NH Photographers

Hi All,

It’s been a crazy busy time for a lot of us, and from what I’ve been experiencing, it’s about to get busier! Not a bad thing though. I’ve had a lot happening, whether it be jobs, photography, or life in general and I’m pretty happy about it.

This month’s blog circle post was supposed to be last month’s but we’ve all had a lot going on. The theme we chose was “local haunts” – a place you frequent often. I had a lot of choices, but I went with my favorite local cafe, True Brew Barista. I had walked by it many times in the past, always thinking about going in, but then forgot, until the day I actually finally went in, and since then I have to keep going back!

Not only do I love supporting small local businesses, I love drinking good tea, coffee, nightcaps, you name it! This place has definitely got that. They have all kinds of special drinks that change every so often, and all of the ones I’ve tried have been delicious! They also have live music on certain nights and some great food. Be sure to check it out! It’s definitely worth the trip!

Be sure to complete the blog circle and head over to Amy Wilson’s blog! 


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