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Monthly Blog Circle – Southern NH Photographers

Hi everyone! I recently became a part of a monthly blog circle between a group of Southern New Hampshire Photographers. Every month we have a new theme we follow and create photographs using that theme. This month it was fittingly “Your Favorite Recipe”. The first thing that came to mind for me was Spanakopita, a Greek dish that I’ve been eating basically since I was born haha. I am half Greek and at family gatherings this dish is guaranteed to be there. Eventually of course I began making it myself and for my friends and family. It’s definitely a favorite and very easy to make! However, the recipe that I wrote below is from memory, so if you want to make it, I suggest you do look up some other recipes online for a little help incase I didn’t cover anything. This is how we’ve made it for years, and it tastes fantastic, but feel free to make your own variations and as always, I hope you enjoy the photos!

To keep moving through the blog circle and to check out many other talented photogs from the area, head on over to Kristen Reimold’s blog!

Again, keep in mind that  I wrote the recipe by memory and be sure to check out Kristen Reimold’s blog to keep moving through the circle!


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