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Phase 4 Complete!

That’s right! Wednesday was my portfolio review and I passed! It’s a good feeling, and I got great feedback from the judges, who are masters of this art form. The panel included our Artist-in-Residence, Gregory Heisler, Brian Lanker, Grant Peterson and Ken Whitmire. All renowned photographers and very experienced in the industry. Having my worked critiqued as well as listening to other critiques is a huge opportunity. Just after 3 days of listening I’ve learned a lot about how to improve my work. I’ve also been very inspired by my peers and the photographs they produce. Amazing work and congratulations to everyone who has gone so far! Reviews continue on until the 18th and graduation is the 25th. I can’t believe it’s almost here and that I made it through this year. When I was first thinking about coming to Hallmark, I really didn’t believe in myself or that I could possibly create the level of work that I have done. I am very proud of myself and extremely grateful for the opportunities that I have been given. I am also extremely lucky to have parents that support me going into this field. They’ve been amazing and are always there when I need them.


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