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Hey everyone, I wish I could post more but I really haven’t been shooting much unfortunately. When I visit a new place I take a lot of snapshots but I really miss setting up a shoot and taking my time to plan out and work through it. It’s sort of therapeutic. I had a little time the other day to shoot some Macarons in the lovely window light of my house. It felt good and I hopefully will be able to shoot more soon. Not much to update on right now. I hope everyone is doing well, where ever you all may be!

The first photos are from a hike I went on with my Aunt, Uncle and the dog a little while ago. It was almost 80 degrees that day and the scenery was gorgeous. It feels really good to get out of the city every once in a while.

Banana Slug

Paulette Macarons

Paulette Macarons


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