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Winter Farmers’ Market | NH Food Photographer

Here in Concord, during the Summer there is a nice little farmers’ market downtown but come winter I missed having that to go to until one day on the radio I heard that there was a Winter farmer’s market at Cole Gardens. I was very excited about this and even more excited when I was able to go. Ever since living in California, I really realized how important local business and farms are and how great fresh produce is, as well as eating organic and food with no preservatives. Not only does the food taste better, it is much better for you and you can feel good about supporting local businesses. There are all sorts of vendors there, from gourmet popcorn, to soaps, to chocolates, and pastries. Cole Gardens is also a great host for this because they have all kinds of gardening gear, plants, decorations and much more.  The last winter farmers’ market is next week, but after that I encourage everyone to go to the Summer farmers’ market as a lot of the same vendors will be there and you can walk around downtown and visit the other stores nearby!


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